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Direct Claims Status

What is Direct Claims Status?
Direct Claims Status allows authorised Internal Quality Assurers (AIQA) to claim achievement for their organisation’s courses within specified curriculum areas. AIQAs are responsible for ensuring the security of the award of credit by checking that the centre’s own internal quality systems are appropriate and properly implemented. 

Benefits include:

  • taking control of, and responsibility for your quality systems and processes;
  • signing recommendations of award of credit (RACs) for centre’s learners so ensuring certification within your own timescales;
  • on-going support and advice from your dedicated LASER Quality Reviewer;
  • an opportunity to access CPD;
  • empowering practitioners in their quality practice.

Achieving Direct Claims Status for Your Organisation
What you will need to do:

Upcoming Roundtable sessions are being held on:

Date Time Location:

7th March 2017 9.30-13.00 Phoenix House West Byfleet.

Cost: £30.00

To book your place please download and complete the booking form and email it to Kathryn Burton.

In cases where direct claims status is not held, the internal verifier will need to arrange for the sign off of the Recommendation of the Award of Credit through LASER. This will normally be by LASER’s appointed Quality Reviewer for the Centre, or possibly in particular cases by a External Subject Moderator who is a subject specialist.

 All LASER Recognised Centres should seek to achieve direct claims status for their provision in order to both ensure and measure the rigour and robustness of internal quality systems and to avoid potential future increases in the cost of quality review.

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