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Registrations & Certification

This page is specifically intended for staff in providers of Access course who have responsibility for registering Access students with LASER and for processing the final results of Access students. Guidance and other documentation is available from the download section below.

Registering Access Students with LASER

Access students enrolled on courses starting in September must be registered with LASER by 1st December to avoid late registration charges

For courses with start dates other than September, registrationsmust be received by LASER within 12 weeks of commencement. Please note that from 2014 onwards students must be registered against units at the point of registration and that amendments can subsequently be made only under EXCEPTIONAL circumstances. See the new LASER registration guidelines.


Centres will be notified when Recommendations for the Award of Credit Forms (RACs) are available (usually early in the spring term). It is vital that these are checked by centres and that LASER is advised of any changes or errors upon receipt. Amendments made to RACs within 14 working days before the final award board will attract a fee of £5 per student or £20 for the same change to all students on the run.

RACs should be completed in advance of the final Awards Board meeting and they must be signed off by the relevant Access external moderator either at this meeting. Only then can they be uploaded to our secure online Access RAC area.

Upon receipt of completed RACs and other required documentation, LASER will process and send out Access Diploma Certificates, Access Unit Transcripts, Additional Unit Transcripts and any GCSE Equivalent Certificates within 15 working days. 

Documents for Download

New rules and guidelines for registering learners on Access Diplomas - (2014 onwards)
Guide to using LASER Quartz Web for Registering Students with LASER
How to complete Access RAC Forms (new version will be available Spring 2015)
Notification of Results to HEIs (a template providers can use to notify HEIs of individual learner achievements)  
LASER Policy on Amendments to Certificates


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