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Assessment involves establishing how much an individual learner or group has learnt, and will involve both learners and tutors/assessors. In some cases the process begins before the course starts and continues until after it has finished. Assessment is the judgement of evidence showing that learning has taken place (an act of measurement) and confirms that a learning outcome, or part of a learning outcome, has been achieved.  

Learning is a change in skill and/or attitude and/or knowledge and measuring these changes are the steps in the assessment process. 

LASER has a number of guidance documents in Resources to help you. These include policies and procedures for fair assessment, malpractice and e-assessment using portfolios.

Introduction to using LASER’s Assessment Generic Tracking Templates

Why do we need them?
Tracking learners’ progress, mapping their achievements and recording these for scrutiny by the internal and external verifier is an essential part of quality assurance in LASER accreditation. We believe that this system will support you in making your record keeping activities as easy as possible, by planning and integrating the documents into the whole learning, assessing and evidencing process. This process starts with the Units of Assessment, whether part of a local programme or a national qualification.

The templates support tutors and internal verifiers in setting up a workable and coherent planning, tracking and recording system for learners’ achievements and verification.  

Do these apply to QCF Qualifications?
Some qualifications such as Languages already have a prescribed set of record documents. You should continue to use those, although you may find some helpful ideas from the templates. 

Can the templates be customised?
Yes, most of them can be adapted to suit specific circumstances. However, we suggest that you keep modifications to a minimum, so that they retain a common appearance and can therefore be quickly understood by verifiers and others.   

Can we devise our own recording documents?

The templates are intended to support providers, but where existing documents are working well, we do not insist that the LASER ones are used. They may, however, be used to fill gaps or to provide ideas for customising existing documents.  

Do we need to use all of them?
Only two are essential, namely, the assessment planning document and the individual learner record for unit achievement. The others can be used as appropriate.

The assessor and IV planning and tracking templates are available in the Resource Centre.

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