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Developing Qualifications

As an independent awarding organisation approved by Ofqual, LASER can speedily develop its own national qualifications in response to the changing educational and training environment.

We are keen to work with providers of learning and training to develop new qualifications to meet the unmet needs of learners. A strong business case will be required to support the development of any new national qualification and this should include support from any relevant sector skills council/standards setting body or other relevant organisation(s) such as national charities, other providers of learning etc.

If you think there is a need for a new qualification in an area where no existing qualification exists, or if you would like LASER to develop its own version of an existing qualification, please contact us.

For further information existing customers should contact their Quality Reviewer (QR). If your organisation is not a LASER recognised centre, or if you are unsure of your QR’s identity please contact us via enquiries@laser-awards.org.uk or call 01932 569894.



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