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Quality Mark

The Laser Awards Quality Mark is a recognition of a quality training programme/course which meets certain requirements.
There are three tiers available, depending on the course.  

 The standard tier, for courses which:

  • are well planned;
  • have set aims;
  • fulfil learner needs.

Meets all the above, plus:

  • has specific aims and objectives which may be differentiated to individual learner needs if necessary;
  • includes initial assessments to establish each learner’s starting point;
  • includes recorded assessment activity;
  • is internally quality assured (formally or informally).

Meets all the above, plus:

  • is thoroughly planned;
  • is based on learner need and initial assessment activity;
  • has specific aims and objectives;
  • is formally assessed;
  • is evaluated by learners, with the results informing future planning;
  • is rigorously internally quality assured;
  • staff have access to support.

To discuss Laser Awards Quality Mark for your training programme or course, please contact us by emailing enquiries@laser-awards.org.uk or telephoning 01932 569894.

To download more information on the Quality Mark, please click the document headings below:

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LASER Quality Mark Centre Application Form 

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