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Your Courses
To see your organisation’s courses please log onto our Quartz Web Portal and click on  ERegistration Submission from the left hand menu.

Click on the arrow under ’The programme/provider course of learning’

Then click on the red book on the right to see all the units on your selected course.
Rules of Combination
Please check the rules of combination for your qualification courses and if you have any queries about these, contact your Quality Reviewer who will be happy to assist you. The easiest way to check the rules of comibination is by reading the Qualification Specifiation, visit the Qualfication Webpage.

Progression Qualification Suite – UPDATE
This popular suite of qualifications has been refreshed with some revised and updated units. Click here to check out the unit details.

Please note if you have any learners who have been registered for and completed units, but their achievements have not yet been claimed, these units will still be recognised for the refreshed qualification.

New Course Form
A New Course Notification Form is available via the Quartz Web Portal. Click on documents from the left hand menu for you to download the form to set up any new courses. Please complete this in full and upload it via the web portal.

Changes to Your Centre
Please email your Customer Support Officer if any details for your organisation change. For contact details click here.

Late Fees
Please note that learners must be registered as follows to avoid late fees:

- Within 25 working days from the start date for courses of 12 weeks or less.

- Within 60 working days from the start date for courses of more than 12 weeks. 

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