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How to Save Money When Registering Your Learners

A 10% discount is available per learner, per registration progressing through a nested qualification suite of the same title.
To receive this discount, set up three separate courses for the required qualification at each size: Award, Certificate and Diploma.

For example:

  • L1 Award in Progression,
  • L1 Certificate in Progression, and
  • L1 Diploma in Progression

Our Customer Support Team can assist you with this process so that it is quick and easy – please ask us.
When you register a cohort of learners, via the web portal that has previously achieved an award or certificate, on the ERegistration Submission page, you will find ‘Notes on this submission’ at the bottom of the page.

You must write here, as appropriate: ‘Learners previously achieved Award: 10% discount’ or ‘Learners previously achieved Certificate: 10% discount’.
Please note that the 10% discount applies to a nested qualification of exactly the same title, not nested qualifications of different titles within a suite.
Remember to claim learners’ achievement as they achieve.

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