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The purpose of the quality assurance system is to work with Recognised Centres to develop their internal quality assurance systems to ensure the safe and secure award of credit.

NB Access to HE provision is covered by a separate quality assurance system.

Quality monitoring - Once a centre has been recognised LASER undertakes ongoing monitoring through an assigned Quality Reviewer. Monitoring will focus on the following areas:

- Ensure centres are operating against the Centre Recognition criteria.

- Ensure the centre’s quality systems are robust.

- Confirm that the centre has appropriately qualified staff and resources to deliver qualifications, courses and units.

Quality Reviewers undertake a schedule of centre quality review visits for all centres. Centres receive a copy of all reports on completion of the visit.

Direct Claims Status – is a service which enables centres having staff who are Approved Internal Quality Assurers and where quality assurance systems are operating effectively to claim the Recommendation of the Award of Credit (RAC) for specific courses at a recognised Centre. Only the approved member of staff will be able to take advantage of this facility.

Where a centre does not have Direct Claims Status a LASER appointed Quality Reviewer will approve all claims for learner achievement. Some qualifications or specialist courses will require a specialist subject verifier to be appointed by LASER.

Standardisation - all centres offering Ofqual Qualifications or units of qualifications will be required to take part in LASER’s standardisation cycle. Standardisation is designed to ensure consistency in the application of level and credit across QCF provision and to ensure parity of practice in assessment and verification.



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